Alfredo Macchiati

A proposito della patente a punti: diventeremo finalmente guidatori virtuosi?

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Last year Italy also finally decided to adopt the points system on driving licences. The new penalty system that uses driving "ability" as its basis, was put forward to overcome some of the weaknesses in the outgoing system, which was instead based solely on fines. Initial effects of the new system on the frequency of accidents seem positive and the insurance industry will benefit from this enhancement of driver risk evaluation. All this said the new system shows some weaknesses itself. Firstly a penalty system that potentially limits individual freedom of movement should only come into force when fining has proven ineffective, and secondly it should be measured with close attention against the potential damage that may follow from "subversive" driving. Both these conditions have not been respected. Furthermore a minimum period of suspension from driving has not been defined and there are several loop holes in the licence confiscation procedure; nor has been put in place a strengthening of enforcement. These traits of inefficiency weigh heavier when considering the so called social norms, the attitude of drivers which seems to be particularity forgiving to those who break the rules of the road.

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