Rosanna Nisticò

Italy Territories to Be Repopulated, Beyond the Trap of Marginality

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Keywords: Fragile Areas; Depopulation and Resettlement; Social Innovation.

This paper aims at reversing the analytical perspective of Italian economic and social dynamics from the energetic and innovative contexts, which the most recurring narratives of development patterns are focused on, to that of declining and lagging-behind areas. Some recent contributions identify different types of fragile areas, which go beyond the traditional dichotomies, such as the territorial articulation designed by the National Strategy for Inland Areas (SNAI) policy, which has drawn boundaries by relying on the distance from full access to such services as basic education, health and mobility. This paper focuses on the current social and economic dynamics which are taking the shape of experiences against the flow of depopulation and abandonment, different forms of modernization, experimentation and resettlement of the Country, i.e. processes of revitalization of areas on the basis of both cultural and educational, as well as economic, innovations. Furthermore, the metaphor of full and empty places is used to identify the density of territories at provincial level with respect to four different dimensions – demographic, physical, economic and social.

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