F. Russo, C. Rindone

Present and planned organization of infrastructures and transport and logistics services for goods mobility

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Keywords: Infrastructures; Transport Services; Logistics; L90; L92; L98.

In this paper we present a descriptive framework of the present and planned organization of infrastructures of transport services in the Mezzogiorno. The analysis concerns the supply of infrastructures, services to meet the mobility needs and critical issues related to these exigencies. The analysis shows a lack of supply compared to the Italian and European average. This condition, in addition to limiting business development and social conditions of Mezzogiorno's citizens, is a critical element for economic growth of the Country as a whole. The main elements of the planning documents at EU and regional level are analyzed. Since 2001, the European process of transport planning has undergone considerable changes. Over the past decade, the southern regions have provided with regional planning documents on transports and territory. Some regions have specified their transport policy to improve the mobility of goods and logistics. Despite the great number of documents on transport planning at European, national and regional level, at present, no major construction has been fully completed in the South, compared to a series of works planned. A representative action for each mode of transport is reminded; it seems clear and beyond any historical revisionism, the inadequacy of both infrastructures and planning organization in the South.

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