P. Barucci, R. Padovani

The Future of Tourism in Southern Italy

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Keywords: Tourist Development; Tourism Policies

In terms of tourist capital allocation, Southern Italy has the same endowment of the other areas of the country, both as regards natural resources and the one created by human beings, from art to immaterial traditions wealth; therefore, it has a full potential to put into effect economic policies aimed at rapidly expanding tourist demand. In terms of domestic and international competitiveness, Southern Italy is advantaged only in some segments of hotel supply, located in some points of excellence; as regards seaside tourism, competitiveness relates to domestic, not international, demand; the privileged natural capital is not properly appreciated by tourist demand; the inadequacy of the road and motorway network and the weak combination between air freight and stay represent strong limits; middling quality, modern accommodating facilities are few; big towns and, in general, museums and archaeological sites don't encourage a significant demand of tourism. New tourism policies have to refer to Southern Italy as a macro-area, not only to single regions or even to group of regions, in order to be effective both regarding infrastructure endowment and different chains of production. The coordination of Southern Italy's tourist policies and, therefore, the link between these last ones and Central Government become a priority in the economic Agenda of the entire country.

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