Mauro Ferraresi

La comunicazione d’impresa secondo gli italiani

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Informations and abstract

Keywords: Advertising, social media, communication rules for consumers and entreprises.

In this paper we will illustrate an exploratory research conducted in the Iulm university of Milan in spring 2019. The research will answer to the likes and dislikes regarding the social media communication and advertising. Thus the consumer research findings can help researchers and marketers to better understand the birth of those forms of communication. Another focus of the research will be the question if and when the social technology is a bias, and to what extent, for consumers and companies. Finally, do consumers love the digital advertising on social media? Actually, every new technology requires new languages and, a fortiori, this must happen when the new technology impact has to do with media. In sum, the social media seem to be a good ground to explore recent changes in communication and specifically in advertising communication for businesses. The findings of the exploratory research can lead to new questions. In other words, questions could arise as: do communication (internal communication) and advertising change the same? At the same pace? Do they go in the same direction? And to what extent? Does advertising simply have to follow the new communication rules or is advertising forced to use and to invent new forms of communication? The present paper will only be able to outline and quickly schematize possible answers to the questions that, indeed, are bound to develop further considerations and further researches.

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