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Hotels and Recreational boating as Showcases of the Italian Bello e Ben Fatto

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Keywords: Italian Bello e Ben Fatto; Luxury Hotels; Recreational Boating.

Tourism is a driver of international trade and is one of the strategic vehicles for Italian beautiful and well-made (Bbf, which stands for the Italian "Bello e Ben Fatto") products, which are medium-high end consumer goods that are outstanding in terms of design, quality of materials and expert workmanship. Visits by foreigners to Italy are an important channel where foreign demand meets Italian supply, especially for the goods enjoyed and consumed during their stay. In the process of getting to know Italian products, hotels represent a gateway through which foreign visitors can experience made in Italy. Hotels are often the first point of contact between the visitor and Bbf products. The hotel stay comes before the visits to the shopping streets, so that hotels effectively take on the role of «showcase» for Bbf products. While luxury hotels can be considered showcases spread throughout the country, recreational boating productions are mobile showcases of Bbf products, that can be found in boats' furnishings and are taken to ports around the world. As well as being showcases for Bbf products, nautical products are also beautiful and well-made products in themselves. Italian boats are a synthesis of knowledge and expertise translated into a recognized nautical culture. They are characterized by class and elegance, but also by research and innovation, as well as meticulous attention to the detail of the finishing, interior decoration and technological sophistication.

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