Carmen Berne, Manuel García-González , José María Mugica

Interdipendenza e incertezza ambientale come determinanti della relazione nei canali distributivi. Il caso dell'industria del turismo

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Keywords: distribution channel structures, information technologies, tourism industry

This paper is an exploratory analysis in which we will focus on how the internet and information and communication technologies (Ict's) are shaping the relationships structure of the distribution channel and how do channel members perceive the impact of consumer's participation on the value creation process. The conceptual starting point is the framework in which interdependence and environmental uncertainty act as the main drivers of relationship intensity. An exploratory empirical analysis provides some additional points to structure the ongoing research. Both for goods and in the tourism industry, Ict's and internet favour the adoption of more complex relationships although some channel positions, in tourism, look less favourable. The impact of consumer participation is not so clear although some findings point in the negative direction: some intermediaries might be put at risk.

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