Giovanni Ventrelli, Anna Zinola

The role and evolution of phygital

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Keywords: Phygital, smart locker, clinic test

Phygital is one of the core issues of the contemporary debate about retail. As a matter of fact, the integration between physical and digital touchpoints represents a challenge for all the players of the market, even more in consideration of the changes linked to the pandemic emergency. In this frame there stands the research project realized for Icam, Apulian company that has been designing, realizing and distributing all over the world, automatic solution for the sage storage and the fast, accurate and efficient collection of material and goods since the end of the 50s. The company has implemented a new technology allowing the storage and the safe access to materials and products, in self-service mode 24/7, enabling the cooperation among all the actors of the supply chain and, more in general, in the world of operations. It is a sophisticated locker able to adapt itself, according to the setups, to different market sectors and, consequently, to different buyers. In order to test into an adequate and detailed way this new solution, a proper research path has been developed, based on a hybrid method having a phenomenological and explorative style, integrated with the Clinic Test technique. This method has allowed, on one side, to collect all the elements useful to the optimization of the locker and on the other side to identify the possible lines of evolution of the phygital.

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