Emilio Diodato, Andrea Lippi

Internationalization policies and representational arenas. A comparison between Lombardy and Tuscany

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Informations and abstract

Keywords: paradiplomacy; representational arenas; international relations; regional studies; public policies.

This article analyzes the rise and the impacts on internal representational arenas of an innovative policy, called "internationalization policy", implemented from Italian regions. It aims to demonstrate that "internationalization policies" are not in competition in respect of "traditional diplomacy" of Nation-States, nor they search for any imitative replay. Instead, they have to be interpreted as an effect of the reshaping of representation. These policies organize politics in and out of the region bypassing the traditional concept of border. A comparative research of two cases (Lombardia and Toscana) sustains this purpose. The comparison exhibits as through different political path a new policy framework is emerging.

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Article first page