Francesca Bergamante, Manuel Marocco, Corrado Polli

Employers’ association in Italy: Transformation or decline? An analysis at firm level

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Informations and abstract

Keywords: Jel Classification: L53 - Enterprise Policy; O25 - Industrial Policy; Y1 - Data: Tables and Charts.

Our main goal is trying to bridge the Italian information gap regarding the extent of employers’ associations, using INAPP-RIL sample survey data. First, we examine the international and national debate which sees the supporters of the «decline» of this actor, as opposed to those who claim his «strange not death». The descriptive analyses carried out reveal a general disaffection of Italian entrepreneurs towards employers’ associations; however, large companies continue to associate relatively more, with the effect of safeguarding associational density. The econometric model confirms the importance of the classic structural variables. Furthermore, it shows that associational features influence membership, suggesting that, despite changes in organizational structure of employer associations and mechanisms providing selective incentives for their members, firms continue to follow traditional membership logics, which continues almost by inertia.

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Article first page