Elena Mattioli, Nicola De Luigi

Intersectionality at work. Reflections from a study on intergenerational negotiation of independent living in families from working classes

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Keywords: Intersectionality; Working Classes; Youth: Leaving Home; Intergenerational Family Relations.

The debate on intersectionality represents a central issue in current sociology, with some authors questioning its theoretical content and raising criticisms from a methodological point of view. Yet it is difficult to find an explicit account of the empirical implications of a non-additive and multi-lens approach. Moving from a "retrospective longitudinal qualitative research" carried out in Bologna in 2013-2014 this paper embrace the intersectional perspective, aiming to shed light on the forms of mutual constitutions of class, gender and age which shape working classes adult children and parents' orientations and strategies about leaving home. Methodological implications of intersectionality are discussed, focusing in particular on issues concerning number and status of categories as well as on methods of inquiry and their implications in terms of concrete research design. Focusing on the intersections of class, gender and age, the intersectional approach used in this study allowed us to make a reflexive and critical use of the category working classes. The analysis showed the complexity of life experiences within this group, revealing how gender and age structure social relations in working classes contexts and how these, in turn, interact with the class relations to secure both privilege and oppressions.

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