Massimiliano Aragona

Psychiatry and cognitive neuroscience: reflections for a useful interplay in clinical and research practice

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Keywords: psychiatry, psychopathology, classification, neuroscience, cognitive sciences.

Murphy's proposal of a neurocognitive reformulation of the classification of mental disorders is discussed. Concrete experience in clinical and research activity is considered, because it is fundamental to suggest viable ways to perform multidisciplinary research. Ways to improve the already available methods are discussed, with the suggestion to integrate philosophical competences related to phenomenological psychopathology. There are two main approaches, which are already available, i.e. from symptoms to the underlying neurocognitive dysfunctions, and from dysfunctions to symptoms. Ways to complement these approaches in unique multilevel researches are suggested. It is also emphasized that, although a methodological reduction of variables is normal in order to manage them, this should not cover the fact that there are multiple levels that cannot be reduced to each other. The level of neuroscience is just one of them, and the others are not only at a lower level (genes, molecules, etc.) but also at the higher levels (lived experience, meanings, relational interactions, sociocultural contexts).

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Article first page