Elsa Addessi, Mariangela Albano, Francesca De Petrillo, Giovanni Laviola, Marco Mirolli, Fabio Paglieri, Domenico Parisi, Giancarlo Petrosino, Marialba Ventricelli, Francesca Zoratto, Walter Adriani

Neurobiological basis of gambling: the joint contribution of psychobiology, cognitive ethology and robotics

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Keywords: Pathological Gambling; Risk Sensitivity; Uncertain Reward; Animal Models; Nonhuman Primates; Neurocomputational Models; Evolutionary Models.

Comparative studies may provide an important contribution towards the understanding of the neurobiological and psychological bases of human pathological gambling. In this article, we present a critical review of the most recent literature on gambling and risk preferences in laboratory rodents, non-human primates, and robots. We show how each of these widely different populations of agents offers valuable and complementary insights on the topic. Moreover, we emphasize the profound interconnections between different research domains and advocate a deeper methodological integration among disciplines in future studies on pathological gambling.

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