Michele Vecchione, Guido Alessandri

Validation of the Italian version of the Portrait Values Questionnaire-Revised (PVQ-R)

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Informations and abstract

Keywords: Values; Schwartz; PVQ-R; PVQ-5X; Validation.

Schwartz and colleagues (2012) have recently proposed a refinement of value theory, developed by the same author at end of the eighties (Schwartz & Bilsky, 1987; Schwartz, 1992). The authors partitioned the motivational continuum into 19 dimensions, most of which represent subtypes of the 10 original values. The present study aims to validate an Italian version of the "Portrait Values Questionnaire-Revised" (PVQR), the instrument proposed by Schwartz and colleagues (2012) for the assessment of the 19 refined values. The psychometric properties of the PVQ-R have been assessed, focusing on the possibility to discriminate the 19 values and the internal consistency of the scales. Moreover, the locations of the 19 values around the circular motivational continuum have been examined. Seven hundred and thirteen respondents (43% females), with a mean age of 26.5 (SD = 13.6), participated in the study. Results showed that the 19 values can be distinguished empirically. Moreover, they can be combined into the 10 values of the original theory. Most scales have good or acceptable levels of internal consistency. The 19 values are located in the expected position, with few exceptions. The applicability of the instrument to value research has been discussed.

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