Andrea Baroncelli, Giovanna Tambasco, Enrica Ciucci

Given and received social support within peer relationships at school: Proposal of a short self-report questionnaire

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Informations and abstract

Keywords: Prosociality; Social Support; Peer Relationships; Preadolescence; Psychosocial Wellbeing.

The aim of the present paper is to present psychometric properties of a short self-report scale (9 items) on given and received social support within peer relationships at school, that was developed on the basis of Crick and collaborators' research. 303 middle school students (154 girls) take part to the study, mean age of 155.62 months. Confirmatory factor analyses revealed a two-factor structure, that resulted invariant across gender, age, and parents' education degree: "Given and Perceived Social Support"; reliabilities indices were satisfactory. Correlational analyses with measures of social and emotional adjustment completed our paper.

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