Irene Petruccelli, Roberto Baiocco, Salvatore Ioverno, Jessica Pistella, Giulio D'Urso

Possible families: A study on attitudes toward same-sex family

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Keywords: same-sex family, homophobia, prejudice.

Although the scientific literature reported no differences between traditional families and same-sex families, prejudices about same-sex couples' parental skills are still widely pervasive in the public debate. This paper investigates in heterosexual, gay, lesbian and bisexual participants, prejudices related to same-sex families and to the different pathways to parenthood for gay and lesbian people. Method: In order to evaluate the attitudes towards same-sex families the following variables have been considered: gender, religion, political orientation, homophobia and contact with gay, lesbian and bisexual people. Attitudes towards same-sex couples' parental skills and towards the different pathways to parenthood have been compared between heterosexual and gay, lesbian and bisexual participants. Results: Contact with gay and lesbians and lower levels of homophobia are associated to positive attitudes towards same-sex families. Adoption for gay and lesbian couples is the most accepted pathway to parenthood. Contrary, in vitro fertilization, surrogacy and adoption for single gay and lesbian people are the least accepted. It is necessary to study and isolate the origins of negative attitudes towards same-sex families in order to promote anti-discriminatory and inclusive policies.

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