Anna Maria Manganelli Rattazzi, Chiara Volpato

Forme sottili e manifeste di pregiudizio verso gli immigrati

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Informations and abstract


The study analyses prejudice toward extra-European immigrants among students living in Vicenza and in its district. In this area there is a high presence of foreign labour. We used the Subtle and Blatant Prejudice Scales developed by Pettigrew and Meertens (1995). The analyses confirmed the factorial structure and the reliability of the scales and their applicability to the Italian context. Moreover, the scales have revealed different levels of prejudice toward different target groups: Black, Maroccan, Albanian immigrants. We also investigated the relationship between blatant and subtle prejudice and political conservatism, and the link between these two forms of prejudice and attitudes toward immigration. The results show that subtle prejudice is correlated with political conservatism, but is distinct from it. Blatant prejudice, on the other hand, is a significant predictor of attitude toward immigration and toward actions sustaining migration restriction.

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