Rossana De Beni Angelica Moè

L'efficacia delle mnemotecniche nello studio di brani

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Present research studied the applicability of some mnemonics in remembering prose and their utility in comparison with a verbal strategy (Rehearsal). Exp. 1 compared the efficacy of Loci, Link and Phonetic methods giving written or oral modality of text presentation. Results showed that all methods are more useful than verbal Rehearsal and that Loci and Link methods are more useful than Phonetic. Exp. 2 compared the utility of Loci and Link in case of oral or written modality of text presentation and recall. Results confirmed that mnemonics are more effective than Rehearsal and that Link method is more useful than Loci in case of written modality of text presentation. Recall is greater when subjects read the material and are asked for written recall. Data suggest that mnemonics can be successfully applied with prose.


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