Carmen Belacchi

The participant roles in bullying: A new proposal

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Keywords: Bullying, pro-social roles, pro-bullying roles, empathy, social desiderability.

The present study hypotizises the existence of the Mediator and Consoler roles (reciprocal of Outsider and Reinforcer), in addition to the 6 roles already known in the literature (Bully, Assistant, Reinforcer, Defender, Outsider and Victim). Two hundred and forty-one Italian pupils of Elementary School were administered to a self-report questionnaire assessing Participant Roles controlling for Sex, Age, Social Desirability and Empathy. Results confirmed the hypothesis and, in particular, showed that the 8 roles can be divided into two groups: Pro-social Roles, supporting the Victim (Defender, Mediator and Consoler) and Pro-bullying Roles, in favour of the Bully (Assistant, Reinforcer and Outsider). Prosocial Roles positively correlated with measures of Empathy, and Social Desirability, whereas Pro-bullying Roles showed negative correlations.

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