Riccardo Sartori, Elisa Bortolani

Approccio ideografico e approccio nomoteico alla persona: il caso dei test psicologici

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Idiographic and nomothetic approaches are traditionally opposing. Although some publications show that their integration is possible, and although the need for integration is informally felt, at least at a practical level (to the point that psychologists and psychotherapists, in their professional practice, sometimes make indifferently use of the tools produced by both the approaches), the publications about the possibility of using them together are still few, maybe for a reverential awe to deal with these subjects, and for fear of being accused to mix them improperly. In our opinion such an integration is not only desirable but also concretely possible, in particular for a practical use of the tools (tests) constructed by the two different approaches. The article aims at being a deep reflection on the possibility and the opportunity of making use, in professional practice, of idiographic and nomothetic tests together.

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Article first page