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The beginning of Ordoliberalism and the crisis of Weimar Republic. Walter Eucken on Sombart, Schumpeter and Schmitt

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Keywords: Ordoliberalism; Eucken; Weimar; Wirtschaftsverfassung.

The article offers an introduction to the main themes of Walter Eucken's "Staatliche Strukturwandlungen und die Krisis des Kapitalismus". Published in 1932, this essay represents a fundamental contribution for the future development of German ordoliberalism. By placing the essay in the historical and theoretical context of the final phase of the Weimar Republic, this article examines Euckens analysis of the crisis of German capitalism. In doing so it recognises the influence of Werner Sombart, Joseph Schumpeter and Carl Schmitt and it will sketch the importance of Eucken's diagnosis with respect to the future ordoliberal conceptualisation of the «economic constitution» ("Wirtschaftsverfassung").

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