Francesco M. De Sanctis

Remo Bodei on the maintenance of modern subjectivity

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Keywords: Remo Bodei; Modern Subjectivity; Hegel; Dialectic.

The Author discusses the new edition of Remo Bodei's "Scomposizioni" (Bologna, Il Mulino, 2016) thirty years after its first publication. The new edition is not simply a reprint, but rather a way of traveling through again the main landmarks of the modern construction of subjectivity around the bulwark of the «I», in its «comprehensive» relationship» with the «historical time» that troubles and makes the world "unheimlich". Bodei's trajectory is parabolic, starting from and going back to Hegel, passing through the "Goethezeit" thought. In this way, he (re)confirms the undeniable - though problematic - value of the modern construction of subjectivity and its (dialectic) relationship with the Welt where - through the metamorphosis of history - eternity pulses.

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