Silvia Vida

Defending Technics Not To Offend Man. Human Nature, Technics, and Anthropogenesis from Montaigne to Sloterdijk

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Keywords: Human Nature; Technics; Anthropogenesis; Peter Sloterdijk; Montaigne.

No other department of our science has been more exciting in recent decades than genetics, and none has been remotly as portentous for the character of our life and the possibility of changing our nature. We need, above all, to improve our understanding of the onthology of human nature, and try to indentify the (detached) moral and political problems that the new technology will present to the new century. The comparison between Montaigne's scepticims about the onthology of man, and Sloterdijk's antrhopogenetic analysis, both engaged in a fluid and vage onthology, will bring us in the midst of the current biopolitics debate, and to an image of man at the crossroads between nature, culture, and artifice.

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