Federico Butera

Bruno Trentin and the Utopia of a New Model of Work Based on Knowledge and Freedom: Heritage and Actuality

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Keywords: Trentin; Fourth Industrial Revolution; Co-determination; Job Design; Professionalization.

The future of work depends largely on the innovation of the work itself. Bruno Trentin claimed the «necessity and the possibility of modifying the content of the work, of the most and less qualified workers increasing knowledge and skills, not only to perform, but to solve problems and to do continuous improvement and innovation». Trentin connected the theme of human freedom with that one of professional growth, by changing the work organization in context of democratic participation in the factory and in the society. Today it is necessary and possible to resume his lesson: to improve the work content and its value and activate forms of participation both «at the shop floor» and at institutional level, not only to protect the workers' rights but to participate actively in changing e in designing systems in the fourth industrial revolution.

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