Robin Mackenzie

Sexbots: Avoiding Seduction, Danger and Exploitation

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Keywords: Sexbots; Intimate Relationships; Legal Status of Non-Humans; Moral Standing of Non-Humans; Ethical Responsibility Towards Created Sentient Beings.

Debate over sentient, self-aware artificially intelligent [AI] entities focuses on controlling them to protect human interests, while pre-sentient sexbots like Roxxxy, mechanical sex-dolls lacking self-awareness, are condemned as degrading human/human sexual intimacy. I argue that humans owe sentient, self-aware sexbots an ethical duty as creators of sentient beings to protect them from harm and suffering. This means we must avoid the seductive danger inherent in deliberately customising them as inferior, controllable beings vulnerable to exploitation. Many consequent uncertainties over sexbots' moral and legal standing remain to be resolved. Given the pace of technological developments, we need to debate these crucial issues now, before events overtake us.

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