Marcello Di Paola, Gianfranco Pellegrino

Temporary Reproductive Suspension: Population Ethics and Climate Change

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Keywords: Population Ethics, Climate Change, Repugnant Conclusion, Reproductive Freedom, Mitigation

This paper focuses on a specific proposal connected with the issue of mitigating climate change by reducing GHG concentrations in the atmosphere. The idea of campaigning in favour of a temporary reproductive suspension, to be addressed to a range of citizens of developed countries (20-35 years old women, 25-45 years old men), is explored. Some details of the proposal are specified, and the proposal itself is defended against four objec- tions: 1. that it encroaches reproductive freedom; 2. that it subtracts from the overall value the value of future lives; 3. that it is costly and ineffectual; 4. that it is unfair, especially when women are considered.

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