Eugenio Lecaldano, Elena Gagliasso, Stefano Velotti

Finitudine di Telmo Pievani

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Informations and abstract

Keywords: Finitude, Death, Extinction, Anthropocene, Evolutionary Theory

Elena Gagliasso, Eugenio Lecaldano and Stefano Velotti discuss Telmo Pievani’s Finitudine. Un romanzo filosofico su fragilità e libertà. The authors critically present both the main themes and the method of Pievani’s philosophical novel from different viewpoints. Gagliasso, in particular, highlights how the philosophical climate (the times of Camus and Monod) in which Pievani’s novel takes place is different from the contemporary time we are living in with its specific challenges (like the climate change). Lecaldano focuses on the consequences raised by Pievani’s treatment of finitude for morality and the need for an ethics centered on virtues rather than on obligations. Finally, Velotti comments Pievani’s work by presenting how nowadays finitude is challenged by philosophical theories discussing the relation of humanity with the non-human world.

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