Elena Pulcini

Emotional Subjects. For Care of the Future

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Informations and abstract

Keywords: Global Challenges, Metamorphosis of the Subject, Relational Subject, Emotional Relationship, Taking Care of the Passions

If we want to «change our life» (Sloterdijk) to prevent the «loss of the world» and of the future (Anders, Arendt), threatened by global challenges, we need to think about a metamorphosis of the subject. The image of a relational subject, whom we can oppose to the modern and postmodern self-referential subject, is without doubt promising, but propose to redefining it starting from the passions as the main sources of the motivations for action. An emotional subject is capable of transforming him/herself through the perpetual emotional dynamic of the relationship with the other (in its multiple forms): taking care of the passions and promoting the possibility of metamorphosis as the condition for generating the future.

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