Stefano Di Bella

L'"Anti-Kant" di Franz Příhonsky´ e la critica bolzaniana alla teoria kantiana del giudizio

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Franz Príhonsky's "Neuer Anti-Kant" - a concise commentary to Kant's "Critique of Pure Reason", written by a follower of Bernard Bolzano - is an exemplary specimen of a critical approach to Kant from Bolzano's point of view. This paper focuses attention on the criticism of Kant's theory of judgement. In Bolzano's and Príhonsky's reflection, Kantian dichotomies - "a priori / a posteriori," and analytic/synthetic - play a seminal role; but their meaning is profoundly reshaped in a different conceptual framework. As a consequence, also their combination in the doctrine of synthetic "a priori" judgements - hence, the problem itself of the "Critique", and the solutions it receives - turns out to be seen in a quite different light.

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