Hans Albert

Fede religiosa e critica illuministica della religione

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In this paper I analyse the present problematical situation of the Christian faith and its relations with the modern scientifical views, with particular respect to the Christian metaphysical assumptions about the existence of God and the role of Jesus. I criticize the problem-solutions offered by Bultmann, Ratzinger, Küng and Habermas. I show that Bultmann's attempt to loose faith from its metaphysical implications, as well as Ratzinger's effort to preserve its core from scientific attacks and Küng's proposal for a complementary model for the conciliation of faith and reason are vain hermeneutical endeavours lead by apologetical intentions. Habermas' conception of a post-metaphysical thinking leads to an unsuccessful regulation of competences between theologians and scientists. I finally try to show that all these solutions imply a similar arbitrary restriction of the use of reason.

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