Ana Cergol Paradiž

Eugenics and racial anthropology: the Slovene-Italian relations in the field of bio-politics (1930s-1960s)

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Keywords: Eugenics; Racial Anthropology; Slovene-Italian Relations.

By analyzing articles of Slovenian and Italian eugenicists and racial anthropologists, as well as their correspondence and other ego-documents, the article seeks to interpret their transnational cooperation and how they pseudo-scientifically or biologically defined Italians and Slavs. Additionally, the article also details how their attitudes towards these topics changed over time. The results show that an important group of Italian racial theorists supported the assimilation aspirations of fascist politics in the Balkans and that Slovene authors, along with domestic politicians, were especially opposed to Italian pronatalism in the fear that it was directed specifically towards the Slavs. In addition, some researchers adjusted their scientific interpretations to new political frameworks after WWII and during the Cold War. On the other hand, Škerlj and Gini's relatively strong connection shows how sometimes researchers adhered to their specific scientific frameworks and modes of action, acting unexpectedly and independently from the general political circumstances.

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Article first page