Irene Bolzon

The «Good» Italians. The Italian Community in Zone B of the Free Territory of Trieste and Government Policies (1945-1954).

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Keywords: Ufficio per le Zone di Confine; Free Territory of Trieste; Cln dell'Istria.

The signing of the peace treaty of 1947 constituted for the Italian government an important opportunity to define their own political plans on the Italian eastern border. With the establishment of the «Ufficio per le zone di confine» (Uzc), the government followed the aim of altering in its favor the balance of the territories included within the Free Territory of Trieste, investing significant resources on some local authorities. One of these was the Cln of Istria, founded with the aim of bring back all the Istrian territories within the Italian borders. With the significant funding received by the Uzc, the Cln of Istria created in the areas of Zone B of the Free Territory of Trieste an extensive service network, with the aim to prevent the departure of the Italians in the area and to get them to make resistance against the communist authorities. In fact, they were used by the government as part of diplomatic negotiations to show the will of the local population to be annexed to Italy but also to change the political situation of Trieste through the management of refugees from Istria, impacting greatly on the conditions of the Italian community of Zone B.

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