Giacomo Girardi

The families of Venetian exiles and the seizure of assets (1848-1857)

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Informations and abstract

Keywords: Exile; Families; Sequestration.

This article aims to analyse the seizure of property of Italian political exiles organised by the government of the Austrian Kingdom of Lombardy-Venetia after the Revolution of 1848. The essay delves into the strategies implemented by exiles, and especially by their families, to protect the threatened estates. A careful examination of the unpublished documents held in the State Archive of Venice, reveals that women and sons, those who remained at home, played a significant role in the protection and safeguard of family assets when placed in that situation. In many cases their presence assured almost the entirety of the families’ capitals. The theme of exile during the years of the Italian Risorgimento, usually studied for its political aspects, is here investigated through its social, economic and legal nature. As such some of the topics examined are material loss, asset protection, daily life, friends and family networks, and relationships with the authorities.

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Article first page