Stefania Anzoise, Maria Cristina Rossi

«Quis Nescit Petrum Pisanum?». The background and the legation of cardinal priest Peter of S. Susanna: historical context and documentary evidence

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Informations and abstract

Keywords: Cardinal Petrus Pisanus; Legation; Apostolic See; Palaeography; Handwriting.

The essay draws a portrait of Petrus Pisanus, Cardinal Priest of Santa Susanna, and analyses his background and work as papal legate of Gelasius II. The object of study, and at the same time the privileged investigative tool of this inquiry, is the documentary evidence attributed to him, namely subscriptions, an original letter sent to the Pope, and a legate's document. A double-layered approach, both historical and palaeographical, is adopted for the examination and assessment of these sources. This well documented case study allows us to shed light on more general issues. From the historical perspective, this essay uncovers and discusses some new elements on the circumstances of the 1118 legation and the relationship between the church of Pisa and the Apostolic See. From a palaeographical point of view, the identification of the models used to draft the documents and the study of the Cardinal's handwriting enable us to trace an unprecedented profile of the author.

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Article first page