Giulio Sapelli

Cities and Metropolises in a Trasforming World Polyarchy

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Keywords: European City, Financial Rent, Souths of the World City, Urban Rent, World Urbanization

Following the studies of Max Weber and Marino Berengo, the article stresses the difference between the European city and the ones of the other continents, which started as metropolises, and it comes to the conclusion that a cycle is now closed. The world urbanization led the city dissolving in the countryside and for this reason the dichotomy city-countryside, inside-outside no longer works. The non-urban is incorporated into the urbanization processes. The issue of urban rent and its implications for land and financial rent is absent in the discussion around the deep transformation of the city. Urban rent without financial rent is difficult to realize. The rent is to be considered as one of the most powerful tools of a new originary accumulation that allows the creation of enormous citadels of capiltalist consumption and of its cyclical reproduction.

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Article first page