Pier Paolo Pavarotti

Gregory the Great and Jorge Luis Borges: dynamic text-reader and spiritual experience. Convergences and suggestions

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Keywords: Gregory the Great; J.L. Borges; Biblical Hermeneutics; Classics; Sacred Scripture.

This essay - dedicated to the memory of Pier Cesare Bori, who first sensed some possible intellectual contacts about thirty years ago - seeks to show relationship and parallels between biblical hermeneutics of the early medieval monk and pope Gregory the Great (540 ca-604) and the reading of world timeless masterpieces by the acclaimed argentine writer of the last century Jorge Luis Borges (1899-1986). The successful formula "Scriptura crescit cum legente" and the continuous attention paid by Borges to the history of reception and interpretation are seen in the patristic context as well as in the Borgesian corpus. The paper ends with a proposal of a parallelism between reading and spiritual experience, and the contextualization of this contribution in the academic literary scene of the last decades.

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