Stefano Bertani

«Ragionar per finta». The «two cultures» and the humanistic evolutionism of S.J. Gould

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Keywords: Gould; Jünger; Darwin; Two Cultures; Vulgarization.

The present contribution aims to highlight an original path of interdisciplinary observations on both humanistic and scientific cultures. Within such a path, the possibility of an alternative to C.P. Snow's conventional distinction of the so called «two cultures» is pointed out by the author following S.J. Gould, whose ultimate suggestion moves towards a «humanistic natural history». The renowned darwinian palaeontologist clearly refers to the European and Italian civilization (S. Francesco and Galilei) in order to reassess the relationship between cultural languages on the whole. Thanks and according to Gould's original reflections of evolutive kind on time and art, as well as to those of Ernst Jünger's, we are finally able to renew G.B. Vico's twofold cultural teaching both in the terms of the anthropological cultural nature of the artistic gesture and in sight of the inner bond of truth and fiction, of science and vulgarization.

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Article first page