Giulia Cantarutti

«I again commend dreams». Observations on dream of a scientist in the eighteenth-century Göttingen

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Keywords: Lichtenberg; Dream and Enlightenment; Literary Anthropology; Read-ability and conjunctive mood; Critique of Language

Georg Christoph Lichtenberg (1742-1799), an experimental physicist, was edu- cated and lived in Göttingen, one of the XVIII century's science de l'homme capitals. The bright novelty of the writings of this scientist, an author of dreams and observa- tions on dream, was born on the terrain of a wide spanning erudition. Lichtenberg is not a «précurseur du Romantisme» «malade de sa différence avec son temps»: The recommendation «I again commend dreams» (The waste books, Notebook F) underpins drives of a multiple nature, which are reciprocally interacting, and are inscribed in the larger picture of European Enlightenment. The use of the verb in the conjunctive mood is characteristic of L. in regards to everything relating to the «readability» of dreams on the part of man. The deepest root of the incessant recommendation of dreams is sprachkritisch.

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