Massimo Vittorio

Illusion, Desire, Passion. Origin and Evolution of Ortega y Gasset’s Ideas on Love

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Keywords: Ortega y Gasset, Love, Desire, Hatred, Falling in love

The present paper focuses on Ortega y Gasset’s view on love. Although it is not possible to refer to Ortega y Gasset’s view as a complete theory of love, the paper shows that it is still possible to follow a line of reasoning in his thought on the theme. After initially outlining the origin of his interest in the topic, the paper pinpoints that the central qualities that Ortega y Gasset finds in love evolved from his early writing. In describing the analytical differences between desire and love, and love and hatred, the paper shows, on the one hand, that Lacan’s view on desire- as-lack echoes Ortega y Gasset’s position and, on the other hand, that Ortega y Gasset’s view on love resonates with that of Scheler. The paper concludes that Ortega y Gasset’s asystematic view of love still shows flawless development, continuity and consistency, despite his definition of love as ambiguous and confusing.

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Article first page