Fabio Bartoli

Comparison between Bloch and Spengler on Goethe’s Faust Reading: Is it an Aesthetics Problem or a Philosophy of History one?

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Informations and abstract

Keywords: Bloch; Spengler; Philosophy of History; Aesthetics; Time.

This article compares some aspects of the philosophical systems of Bloch and Spengler, considering their lectures of Goethe’s “Faustµ. Specifically, I considered only their masterpieces “The Principle of Hopeµ and “The Decline of the Westµ under three aspects: the research methodology of authors, their approach to “Faustµ, and their conception of the Time. In particular, their different ideas of the Philosophy of History emerge. To finish, it is interesting to notice that a question of Aesthetics, such as the reading of “Faustµ by the authors, is actually a problem of Philosophy of History.

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Article first page