Martina Ardizzi

Interoceptive sensitivity and social relationship

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Keywords: Autonomic Regulation; Interoceptive Sensitivity; Social Behaviour; Social Distances; Social Engagement.

The successful adaptation of human behaviour to changeable environmental conditions requires the effective integration of internal and external signals. While there is a long-lasting tradition of studies regarding the modulation of individual sensibility to external environmental signals, the interest in individual sensibility to internal bodily signals gained growing interest only during the last few years. Studies focalized on this field of research demonstrated that Interoceptive Sensitivity interacts with different aspects of human behaviour, especially with human social behaviour. Here I describe recent empirical evidence about how Interoceptive Sensitivity strongly modulates the individual tendency or disposition to social interaction, that is social engagement. Results revealed a role of Interoceptive Sensitivity in shaping social behaviour by means of recruiting different autonomic response strategies. This finding allow to better understand how our inner world can modulate human behaviour, especially in social context.

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