Alessandro Capodici, Graziana Russo

Misattuned Selves. Vital Desynchronization in Schizophrenia

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Keywords: Intersubjectivity, Embodiment, Temporality, Schizophrenia, Horse Girl.

In the last decade, phenomenological psychopathology outlined how schizophrenic experience consists of a disembodiment disorder, which undermines what has been defined as minimal self. This condition coincides with a disturbance of time-consciousness; where not only self-coherence but also intercorporeality are lost. In schizophrenic patients, the implicit and explicit alterations of temporal structure of experience lead to what many authors define as «loss of common sense». This misattunement concerns both the rhythms between bodies and the chance to be harmoniously engaged in human linguistic games. First, we retrace the theoretical framework that introduces ordinary and schizophrenic time experience. Secondly, we proceed with the analysis of Horse Girl, a 2020 film that shows the protagonist’s progressive detachment from the shared reality, in which time-consciousness plays a fundamental role.

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Article first page