Matteo Adamoli, Enrico Miatto

The School as an Open, Participatory and Inclusive Educational Medium in the Digital Revolution

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Keywords: Medium, Digital artefact, Noo-technologies, Design

This contribution is part of a public debate concerning the relationship between society, technologies and educational environments, in particular schools. By analysing the use of digital technologies within the school system, it is possible to overcome, first of all, the corporatist logic that considers the school as a mere place of apprenticeship at work and to confront the deterministic view of the role of technologies on the effectiveness of teaching and on the improvement of learning. In line with the dynamics of change underway, we propose the approach of a school as an open, participatory and inclusive educational medium in which each student is enabled to learn the new linguistic, visual, cultural and narrative languages that characterise the ecosystem of platforms-infrastructures and the technologies connected to them. Approaching this vision means cultivating an idea of school not as a place for the transmission of knowledge tout court but as a vector of mediation in which the dimensions of knowledge and knowing coexist. For the purposes of a school as an educational medium open to the perspective of homo educandus, the significance of technologies as nootechnologies, as artefacts at the service of the strengthening of the nous, that is, of thought and social ties that can only encourage the integral development of students and knowledge, is particularly important.

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